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Small Business Ideas for Kids with the Greatest Possibilities for Handsome Rewards

One of the best ways to come up with unique business ideas is to think about what kids can do to generate some money. You may find many great business ideas that could actually generate decent cash for kids. And considering that these days’ parents don’t want to just give their kids money without working for it, it’s a good time to think about the various business ideas for kids. Teaching kids that they have to work for the money is a great way to raise them responsibly. With that being said, here are small business ideas suited for children:

Small business ideas for kids# 1: Lawn service

These days, twelve to fifteen years olds can do lawn service in the neighborhood impressively, cost-effectively and in a shorter timescale than most landscaping companies could do and charge. Kids can use Saturday to make something small to cater to their emergency needs or just for having fun.

Small business ideas for kids# 2: Selling gift cards door-to-door

Today’s kids are thoroughly gifted. They are computer savvy, which means they can use just about any software online to create creative things. One such thing is a gift card. Kids often make gift cards for invitations, whenever there is a birthday party. Some gift cards don’t even need to be created using a computer. They can simply be handmade, and the end product will still be scintillating. Kids can create many of such gift cards and sell door-to-door. The good thing about gift cards is that they are valuable and they sell, so the return on investment can be impressive.

Small business ideas for kids# 3: Selling fruits and veggies

There is decent money in selling fruits and vegetables on a roadside stand. Some fruits naturally grow in the wild, so it’s about going to pick them and take them to the roadside stand to sell. People, especially in the western world love fruits and vegetables that are not sprayed with pesticides and insecticides, so if you can get organic fruits and vegetables, it can be a profitable small business idea for kids.

Small business ideas for kids# 4: House cleaning service

The reason why this is a lucrative business idea is that houses get dirty every day. And in this day and age where people are pressed for time with busy daily schedules, there is hardly time to clean the house. Kids can leverage this opportunity to make money by cleaning neighbors and friends’ houses, instead of wasting away the whole weekend.

Small business ideas for kids# 5: Helping others clean out their garage

This sounds like a funky small business idea, but the possibilities of making good money with it are great. People tend to forget that they need to clean their garage. So kids can leverage this opportunity by going to remind people that they need to clean their garage. They can, in turn, get opportunities to clean garage during the weekend and make some decent cash. But you should know upfront that it’s a pretty tough job. However, if a couple of kids join hands, they can bang it out in a shorter time frame.


While this might look like a comprehensive list of small business ideas for kids, we’ve hardly scratched the surface.  There are thousands of other possibilities out there. And almost all of them can bring decent cash. Besides making money through these creative small business ideas, the skills learned here can be very invaluable for kids in their life. The skills will make them responsible financially when they enter the job market.


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